Financial Secretary Paul Chan arrived in Berlin on September 9, Germany to start his visit. He met with business leaders representing a number of European family offices, saying that Hong Kong can meet the investment and development needs of family funds at different stages and in different fields, and welcomes European family funds to make full use of Hong Kong to explore the Asian market.

During the meeting, Chan also pointed out that Hong Kong's asset and wealth management business is a leader in Asia, with a rich professional network and connections, the advantages of simple and low tax rates, and the fundraising platform from venture capital and private equity funds to securities market listing and fundraising, with a complete and thriving ecosystem, and at the same time the art trading market is also very developed.

Mr. Chan also visited two German companies engaged in artificial intelligence and insurtech to learn about their business and development plans, and to exchange the latest trends with business leaders. Paul Chan briefed them on Hong Kong's strategy for active I&T development, including special policies to encourage key enterprises to set up in Hong Kong, as well as measures to attract talents to Hong Kong.

He pointed out that Hong Kong has strong basic research strength, bringing together international funding and top talent; The Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area has excellent advanced manufacturing and commercialization capabilities, and is also a huge consumer market. With the implementation of the policy on cross-border data and factor flows from the Mainland to Hong Kong, all these are conducive to German I&T enterprises to use Hong Kong as a research or business base to develop their business in the Mainland and the entire Asian market.

Paul Chan also had lunch with representatives of the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry, briefed them on Hong Kong's business environment and economic situation, pointing out that the long-term implementation of "one country, two systems" has made Hong Kong maintain its unique position and advantages more prominently. While enjoying the development advantages of "one country" and benefiting from the huge market, the flexibility of the "two systems" allows Hong Kong to continue to implement common law, maintain a good legal environment, and enjoy the advantages of free flow of capital, information and people. Hong Kong's connectivity to the Mainland and international markets offers huge business opportunities, and German business and enterprises are welcome to make full use of Hong Kong's advantages to further expand into the Mainland and regional markets.

Zeng Ying, Minister to Germany, discussed Sino-German relations

In addition, Chen Maobo met with Minister Zeng Yingru of the Chinese Embassy in Germany to exchange views on topics such as China-Germany, China-EU relations, geopolitics, and the economic situation in Europe.

Chen Maobo, who has visited France and the United Kingdom on his trip to the three European countries, will visit Frankfurt on September 9, Berlin time, and leave for Hong Kong in the evening.

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