Lawyer and war veteran Masi Nayyem said that it is impossible to differentiate the Ukrainian military depending on the number of days they spent in the war zone.

This was reported by NV.

Nayyem commented on draft law 3369-IX, which proposes to build a social policy taking into account how many days a serviceman spent on the front line.

"That is, they want to divide the fighters into those who were there for 10 days, who were 40, who were 60 and who were 120. But this is nonsense, the military did not choose where to go and for how long," Nayyem said.

He gives an example that there are soldiers who went to the front, and on the second day they were wounded. And this person may have less social benefits than those who spent 120 days in a war zone but were not wounded.

According to Nayyem, Ukraine has created too many status levels for fighters.

"Now the military has conditional 350 different statuses. Why is this necessary? Who is a combatant? Now they want to make a new status of defender. So far, we have managed to shoot down this bill," he added.

Earlier, paramedics reported a critically low provision of medical supplies to the army and low-quality tourniquets.

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