The wife of Hollywood actor Bruce Willis, who suffers from dementia, spoke about his condition.

British model Emma Heming shared that it is difficult to live with such a diagnosis. In particular, the disease had a significant impact on Willis. In addition, the actor's diagnosis changed both Emma and their two daughters. However, the model added that her husband would not want to upset the family, so they enjoy every minute spent together.

"I learned that dementia is hard. It is difficult for a person with a diagnosis. The family is also struggling. And it's equally hard for Bruce, me, and our girls. Bruce is a gift that keeps on giving. Love, patience, resilience, so many things... Bruce would really like us to be happy with what we have, he would really want it for me and our family," Heming said on NBC's Today show.

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The model also admitted how they informed their daughters about their father's illness. Bruce and Emma have two children together, 11-year-old Mabel and 9-year-old Evelyn. According to Emma, they told their daughters the truth and explained from a medical point of view what dementia is.

"We are a very honest and open family. The most important thing was that we could say what the disease was, explain what it was, because when you know what that disease is from a medical point of view, everything makes sense. So it was important that we let them know what it was because, you know, I don't want their dad's diagnosis or any form of dementia to be a stigma or a stigma," Emma explained.

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Recall that Bruce Willis' diagnosis became known in March 2022. It was believed that the actor had aphasia, which is why he ended his career. However, at the beginning of this year, it became known that Willis suffers from dementia. This disease progresses rapidly and there is no cure for it. In people with this diagnosis, cognitive function is impaired due to organic brain damage. The average life expectancy with dementia is about four years.