The Armed Forces of Ukraine will launch an assault to liberate the temporarily occupied Crimea this year. This can be done by entering the peninsula through Armyansk (a city in Crimea - ed.) and landing air and sea troops.

This was told to Glavred by a military expert, reserve colonel Roman Svitan.

According to the military expert, the occupiers will flee Crimea after the Armed Forces of Ukraine break four bridges – corridors to Crimea.

"The first of them is the Crimean (or Kerch) bridge, which we have already damaged twice. I think that for the third time it will be disabled for a very long time and will cease to exist as a logistics chain for the supply of military products. The second is a land corridor to Crimea, which we are currently working on cutting, trying to reach the Azov coast. Or at least you need to approach the main lines, cross the railway and take control of the highway that runs along the Azov coast," he said.

The third bridge is an air bridge. Roman Svitan says that Ukraine will have to destroy the Russian Il-76, as transport aircraft can provide some transfer of enemy forces and equipment to Crimea and back.

"The fourth bridge is maritime traffic. To do this, it is necessary to destroy most of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet, most importantly - large landing ships (VDK), which are used as ferries. That's what we've been striking at lately. This was visible both at sea and in the dry dock. Plus, it is necessary to sink most of the ships of the Black Sea Fleet," the reserve colonel added.

After the Armed Forces of Ukraine break these four bridges, no military group will be able to stay in Crimea for a long time, since the army reserves will be enough for the occupiers for one and a half to two weeks. And garrison, perhaps, for one and a half to two months maximum.

"After that, it will be just 'green men' who ten years ago seized Crimea with small arms, but without ammunition. After the destruction of these four bridges, the Russians will have three ways to leave Crimea: breaststroke, crawl and doggy. Who can," Roman Svitan summed up.

Recall that the reserve colonel explained how the Armed Forces of Ukraine launched a new stage of the war with strikes on Crimea.