The 2024 National Multi-Subject Test will contain four subjects, and testing will begin in May.

This was stated by Deputy Minister of Education and Science Mykhailo Vinnytsky during a briefing at Media Center Ukraine, Ukrinform reports.

Two compulsory subjects and one elective will now be supplemented with an additional elective subject.

"Accordingly, the NMT format in 2024 will be 3 + 1: Ukrainian language, mathematics, history of Ukraine and one subject to choose from. Four subjects will be in the combined test, respectively, for four hours, with a break. Testing in one day," Vinnitsky said.

NMT-2024: new format and time

In addition to the fact that the multi-subject test in 2024 will consist of four subjects, according to the Deputy Minister of Education and Science, taking into account the security component, testing will not take place on one day throughout the country, but will be stretched over time.

"We are moving towards what is the standard in the European Union, namely: at least 5 subjects are checked at school graduation," Vinnitsky added.

Will the EIT be resumed in Ukraine?

The Deputy Minister explained that Ukraine does not return to the EIT format for technical reasons, since such testing was carried out at the rate of one subject per day, which cannot be organized within the country during the war.

As the chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Education, Serhiy Babak, added at a briefing, a relevant draft law will be submitted to the parliament, which regulates the issues of admission and assessment of knowledge in 2024.

"Our legislation directly stipulates how the EIT should be compiled, how it should be conducted. Therefore, every year we introduce a special law, and now the relevant draft law is being registered in the Verkhovna Rada, which will regulate the NMT in 2024," Babak said.

Subject Selection and Testing Timing

Students will take the NMT online both in Ukraine and abroad.

Compulsory subjects will be Ukrainian language, mathematics, history of Ukraine. NMT participants can choose the fourth subject from the list:

Testing on the history of Ukraine will cover the period from the 16th century. to the present day.

The 2024 National Multi-Subject Test will be taken according to the following timing:

Due to the fact that there are more subjects, the National Multi-Subject Test will start earlier. In 2024, testing is scheduled to begin in May.

The 2024 test has become longer, so it will take more days to reach all participants.

As in 2023, testing will take place in temporary examination centers in educational institutions. This time, it is planned to install metal detectors in these centers.

It should be noted that testing will also be conducted abroad, but so far the number of examination centers has not been determined.

After the approval of the regulatory framework, demonstration tests will be available and everyone can get acquainted with them.

Recall that NMT-2023 was not without "adventures". Parents complained about technical failures during the test, and the organizers reported a large number of cheats.

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