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Spies pretending to be priests are still spies, but certain people refuse to see it. They probably expect spies all to be like James Bond, or at least have a "spy" sign.

"As far as I know, our ambassador in Moscow was summoned to the Russian Foreign Ministry, but this will not change the decision of the State Agency for National Security. I have read the report and it is clear enough. There are reasons why these people should not be allowed in Bulgaria in the next five years," the Prime Minister noted.

He again assured that the state is ready to assist in the restoration of worship services in the temple.

Denkov: We did not expel Russian priests, but people who worked against our national interests


According to the indictment, they worked in an operational spy cell for the benefit of Russian security services.

Part of their activities was to gather intelligence on active operations in Europe and pass it on to Russia.

The case against Bulgarians accused by the UK of espionage begins


Orban told lawmakers that "nothing threatens Sweden's security" and that Hungary is therefore "in no hurry" to ratify the country's accession to NATO.

Orban's statement came after other senior Hungarian officials recently suggested ratification might not be on parliament's agenda at all during the autumn session. On Thursday, the leader of Orban's Fidesz party parliamentary group, Mate Kocsish, said he saw "little chance" of parliament voting on the issue this year.

Hungary remains the only NATO member state, apart from Turkey, that has not yet approved Sweden's bid.

Orban: Hungary in no hurry to ratify Sweden's NATO bid


And more of the same...

Zafirov (BSP): When will Minister Tagarev resign?


"We expect the BSP to introduce a proposal that may provide military assistance to Russia, because they are acting in this direction, but this cannot happen. The victim is Ukraine and we must do everything to help it without endangering the security of our country."

Mirchev jokes: We expect the BSP to offer military assistance to Russia


Vasil Terziev: We are working for an election victory in the first round


Prof. Vili Lilkov: Hekimyan's candidacy shows the severe personnel crisis in GERB


"We see that the countries in the Eurozone have a mechanism that gives certainty to curb inflation and interest rates. The possibility of us entering this part of the European currency will increase investment, because it gives a safe market for many sectors."

Rusinova: With the adoption of the euro, Bulgarians will not get poorer, interest rates will fall


"If North Korea resorts to nuclear weapons, the North Korean regime will end with a crushing response from the Republic of Korea-U.S. alliance," he said.

South Korea demonstrates its military power for the first time in a decade


Seven passengers and one crew member were injured.

The turbulence occurred early Monday as they approached Florida.

"Flight 1256 from Guayaquil, Ecuador landed safely at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, where it was greeted by medical personnel. The aircraft has been decommissioned," JetBlue said.

Turbulence sends eight people to hospital