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At a meeting between representatives of the Bulgarian Food Safety Agency and the Association "For Affordable and Quality Food" it became clear that the Agency disputes the results of a study of 10 cheeses, according to which only one of them is from sheep's milk.

The Director of the Food Agency, Dr. Svetlozar Patarinski, emphasized that it is not possible for the results of the survey made by the association to be a starting point for the competent authority to take measures against the producers of dairy products that have shown deviations.

Many dairy products declared sheep and buffalo contain over 50% cow's milk.

This is due to the method of laboratory analysis used, which is accredited but does not comply with that adopted throughout the EU by Implementing Regulation 2018/150 as regards methods of analysis and quality assessment of milk and milk products. In order to verify the correctness of the results and to take measures in case of discrepancies, the Food Agency will carry out a new sampling of the same batches from which it finds quantities to be analyzed by the method set out in the legislation, "explained Dr. Patarinski.

"The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency is ready to assist with expertise in compliance with national legislation and European regulations in sampling at the initiative of the association and determining the exact methods for their examination. The aim is to exercise overall control over production and, above all, to protect the interests of consumers, "said Dr. Patarinski.

Dr. Galya Vikyova, Deputy Executive Director of the Food Agency, explained that during the official control the Food Agency checks not only the safety but also the quality of the food. However, she stressed that only in strict compliance with the control rules can measures be taken and sanctions imposed if irregularities are found.

The meeting discussed the possibility of joint inspections in the future. "The Bulgarian Food Safety Agency and the association are working in one direction – consumer protection," said Dr. Svetlozar Patarinski.

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