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The candidate for mayor of PP-DB Ivaylo Staribratov requested a check of the decision of the local parliament to buy only part of the plot of "Teya Invest" in the park "Recreation and Culture" for BGN 35 million from the money of the Plovdiv taxpayer.

Yesterday, citizens protested in front of the regional government and demanded the resignation of Governor Iliya Zyumbilev because of his reluctance to return the decision to the Municipal Council, and almost at the same time Staribratov came up with a comment on the topic.

Ivaylo Staribratov is the candidate of PP-DB for mayor of Plovdiv

In it, he calls for mobilizing all state institutions of the state apparatus to resolve the case.

"I did not believe that in the 21st century the Municipality will distribute properties to private companies and then buy them for tens of millions," he wrote on his Facebook page.


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Ivaylo Staribratov