On the night of September 25, Ukrainians had the opportunity to observe a unique phenomenon - the aurora borealis. This year it was spotted for the second time.

Footage of the aurora was recorded by a user on the forum of the Kiev Club of Amateur Astronomers Astropolis under the nickname RPM RPM.

He took the photo in the Bohodukhiv district of the Kharkiv region, in the urban-type village of Kolomak at 03:15 Kyiv time.

"Nowadays, I try not to react to alarms, but this time it was impossible to avoid a bright spectacle," the author of the picture wrote.

According to him, he almost missed the glow.

"I packed my equipment, dressed warmly and went outside to take a few shots," he said.

However, he managed to record only a rather faint light. The brightest phenomenon was noticeable 20 minutes before, and 3 minutes after the last bright flash occurred.

The aurora borealis arose as a result of a strong geomagnetic storm that covered the Earth on the night of September 25.

Aurora borealis over Ukraine

Earlier we said that in 1959, the most powerful geomagnetic solar storm was recorded, which caused interruptions in the operation of small electrical equipment. Humans have been very dependent on electronics in recent decades, so we could be hit hard by a potential solar storm.

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