The opportunity to strike at the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation appeared after a cascade of operations.

This was announced on the air of the telethon by the former company commander of the Aidar battalion, military analyst Yevhen Dykyi on September 26.

"Such individual strikes, as on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet, may seem like a super cool operation. And this is part of a whole cascade of operations, very thoughtful, very consistent. And it is necessary to start with the "Boyko towers". If you remember this absolutely Hollywood, cinematic raid of the special forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate. In addition to beauty, there was also a completely practical purpose. The latest generation Russian radar was dismantled there. It was not destroyed, it was carefully removed and brought, and it is now being studied by both our specialists and the specialists of our allies. That is, Russian radars now have no secrets, but something else is key. It was dismantled from there and a whole sector of the sea was opened, which is not visible. Immediately, another group of special forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate entered this sector, landed at Cape Tarkhankut and "crashed" an anti-aircraft missile system there. Further, the second anti-aircraft missile system located in the Feodosia area was "smashed" by our Neptune missile. Thus, the whole western Crimea was opened," Dykyi said.

According to the analyst, after the radar on the "Boyko towers" was removed and two air defense systems were destroyed in western Crimea, our Air Force began to fly literally under the peninsula on its Su-24s, to which we managed to attach Storm Shadow, and from there launch missiles at Sevastopol.

"The first sighting was immediately very accurate – it was a strike on the shipyard, where it was possible to destroy the large landing ship Minsk and the submarine Rostov-on-Don in one go. Then there was a strike on the underground bunker of the Black Sea Fleet. Against this background, by the way, the incident at Cape Fiolent went almost unnoticed. The fact is that Cape Fiolent was the only part of the Black Sea Fleet's electronic warfare. That is, it was the unit on Fiolent that was supposed to cover from our drones. That is, before our eyes, a sequential neat dismantling of the air defense system of Crimea is being carried out, and then the Air Force enters this dismantled air defense system and does its job," the former company commander of the Aidar battalion summed up.

As previously reported, Ukraine has officially confirmed that the commander of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation, Admiral Viktor Sokolov, was killed as a result of the attack on the headquarters in Sevastopol. According to Defense Express, Russia has lost its fleet commander for the first time since 1904.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video at this link: Pictures from space! Aftermath of strikes on the headquarters of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation in Sevastopol.