Ukrainian critical infrastructure suffers from enemy attacks that do not stop, so there is a possibility of mirror attacks on Russian targets.

Former SBU officer Ivan Stupak told Channel 24 about this.

Mirror attacks are not only possible, they will cause irreparable damage to the Russian Federation, because the energy infrastructure of any country, even a civilian one, does not provide for and is not designed for possible attacks or destruction. And Russia will not be able to restore critical infrastructure at all, because European equipment is not available to it.

"They will have to completely rebuild their energy infrastructure and, for example, switch to China, but they will not be able to do this quickly," Stupak said.

The day before, the Russians suspended the program of deployment of 5G cellular networks. According to the occupiers, they currently do not have equipment, so they say that they will postpone everything planned to the next years. They also lack the equipment to support conventional base stations, as telecom companies have left their market.

"They said that they would take Chinese equipment, but it turned out that it did not suit them, the technical properties did not allow it. I think that the situation with energy for the Russians will be no less difficult," he said.

Background: Military expert Andriy Kramarov believes that it will be much more difficult for the Russian occupiers to destroy Ukraine's critical infrastructure this year.

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