As the "November Golden Week" approaches, Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu said today (26 December) that a large number of tourists are expected to come to Hong Kong, pointing out that many hotels and tourism organizations have revealed that after the Hong Kong government announced the resumption of the "National Day Fireworks Display", visitor enquiries have increased, pointing out that the Culture, Sports and Tourism Bureau has prepared different plans to cope with the increase in the flow of people in Hong Kong, including increasing manpower to cope with tourists at high-traffic gateways and airports.

During the November long holiday, Li Jiachao expects a large number of tourists to come to Hong Kong and will send more manpower. (Profile photo/Photo by Au Ka Lok)

Increased manpower at gates and airports will observe the flow of local people

Speaking of the November Golden Week, Lee Ka-chiu expected a large number of tourists to come to Hong Kong, and coupled with the resumption of the "National Day Fireworks Display" after five years, many hotels and tourism organizations received a lot of enquiries, saying bluntly: "I believe that there are many tourists!" He said that the industry has also actively and spontaneously arranged tourism activities, improved the characteristics of scenic spots, and disseminated information, which was described as a general mobilization.

He also pointed out that the Cultural and Sports Tourism Bureau will also increase its manpower at the gateways and airports where the high flow of people is expected, stressing that the Cultural and Sports Tourism Bureau has coordinated a series of measures to observe the local crowd flow and have countermeasures at any time, hoping that the public will experience the joyful atmosphere of Hong Kong together.


It is expected that 10,<> people will watch fireworks on both sides of Victoria Harbour

In addition, more than one week after its launch, Hong Kong Night Fun will be launched wave after wave, with three waterfront venues, namely Wan Chai, Kennedy Town and Kwun Tong, launching a series of activities starting this week; "Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance" will be resumed; He expects hundreds of thousands of people and tourists to watch the fireworks display on National Day.

He thanked the community for responding to the Government's appeal for continuing to reflect the creativity of Hong Kong people in the "Bridge", and the relevant government departments would actively coordinate and flexibly cooperate with the event organisers, revealing that the Fire Services Department had provided feasible operational arrangements to cooperate with the open fire cooking at the night market.

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