The Armed Forces of Ukraine have created a strategic advantage in the Bakhmut direction and can deploy means that will constantly strike at the occupied city.

This was stated on the air of TSN by Army General, Head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine in 2005-2010 Mykola Malomuzh.

"Our howitzers, self-propelled guns, and missile systems are constantly reaching Bakhmut and constantly destroying the enemy in the fortified areas where they are stationed. It can't go on like this for long. Therefore, now our task is to cut all communications, and this, I think, will be in the next 2-3 weeks," Malomuzh said.

He noted that the Armed Forces of Ukraine need to deter the enemy, who is desperately trying to unblock Bakhmut and subsequently close the ring around the city so that the enemy can either surrender or die.

"Putin will try to do something to prevent such a complete blockade of Bakhmut. More and more forces will be sent, even withdrawing from other fronts. For Putin personally, Bakhmut is extremely important in military and political terms. The loss of it, and our victory, accordingly, will already be a real victory for our troops to liberate the territories. An iconic city that Putin believes could be the beginning of a major offensive and the collapse of his regime... I believe that in October we will have the prospect of liberating Bakhmut, if some other emergencies do not happen," Malomuzh said.

Earlier, it was reported that the Ukrainian military in the Bakhmut direction continues the offensive operation and has successes near Zaitseve, Klishchiivka, Odradivka and Ivanivske.

In addition, we previously reported that Shoigu said when Russia was going to end the war and "achieve its goals".

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