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The dispute over who owns the Russian Church continues as long as the doors of the temple remain locked. According to Metropolitan Gabriel of Lovech, there is no doubt that the church is Russian, for which there is also a notary deed. In addition, the Metropolitan stated that it is certainly not owned by the Sofia Metropolis or the Holy Synod.

Ambassador Mitrofanova is waiting for instructions from Russian Patriarch Kirill whether to open the church. From our sources we found out that it is not true the information that the priests were with her last night to ask for the keys of the church. Patriarch Neophyte appointed three priests to serve in the temple and said he expected the Russian embassy to open it. He also informed Patriarch Kirill about the case. In addition, you know, it was announced that the Embassy of Russia has a title deed for the church. This was confirmed today by Metropolitan Gabriel of Lovech.

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"There is no doubt that the property of the Russian Church belongs to Russia, it was built first by Russia, with the money of Russia and in 1997 they took out a new deed based on all these documents they have, so there can be no doubt about it. In addition, I have been in Sofia Bishopric for 10 years, now I am in the Holy Synod, Chairman of the Supreme Church Council, which deals with the properties of St. Cyril and Methodius. Synod, I must say that such property of the Russian Church neither belongs in the Sofia Bishopric, nor among the properties of the Holy Synod," Metropolitan Gabriel of Lovech told BNT.

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We expect this to be confirmed or denied by the Registry Agency today. Disputes continue over whose jurisdiction the church is under - the BOC or the ROC. According to Metropolitan Gabriel, the Palace has its own statute, which in 2011 was adopted by the Synod. It will be tracked down and will be presented at the meeting of the Synod on October 3, and then, according to him, it will become clear who has what rights to the church.

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