According to the channel "Al-Manar", on Tuesday, the Lebanese army made the military road in the farm Bastara border located within the farms of Shebaa on the common border with Israel.The military road is being built opposite the road made by the Israeli army, in the same area, a few days ago, where the channel described this matter as an "assault" on Lebanese sovereignty, she said.The channel pointed to the prevalence of a state of alert for the Israeli army and its Lebanese counterpart, because of the encroachments committed by Israeli bulldozers in the farm Bastara of Shebaa Farms.She pointed out that those In a related context, the Lebanese "Hezbollah" last Sunday saluted the Lebanese army after confronting the Israeli army in the Shebaa farms on the common border between the two sides, where the channel quoted "Al-Manar" Deputy Secretary-General of the Lebanese "Hezbollah", Naim Qassem, directing a great salute to the Lebanese army for addressing the violation of the Israeli army at the Bastra farm within the Shebaa farms on the bilateral border, according to the channel. The Lebanese army pointed out, in a statement, that "elements of the Israeli enemy violated the withdrawal line and fired smoke bombs towards a Lebanese army patrol, while escorting a bulldozer removing a berm erected by the Israeli enemy north of the withdrawal line (the reserved Blue Line) in the Bastra area - south." The Lebanese army announced that it is coordinating with the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) on Israeli intrusions into its country's territorial waters, according to him.Tel Aviv demanded, last week, to expand the scope of movements of the "UNIFIL" forces in southern Lebanon, with the aim of monitoring military sites of the Lebanese "Hezbollah", and late last year, Lebanon and Israel signed an agreement to demarcate the maritime border between the two sides, mediated by the United States of America.