"The results of the local elections are like hot chocolate without sugar. It smells like chocolate, it tastes like chocolate, there is always a bit of a bitter taste left, but you still drank chocolate, that is, you are a winner, no matter how much you lose and how much you gain. It's the only election where everyone wins."

This is what political scientist Lyubomir Stefanov, a lecturer at NBU, said in an interview with the Bulgarian National Radio. He has no doubt that the coalition will survive the local vote.

The campaign in the local elections is really important, it is specific to the local community, Stefanov said in the show "Before All".

"Leaders negotiate on some things, in one way, by unraveling the threads, reaching every city, every municipality, reaching living people to vote there. Any party labels from the headquarters of the parties in Sofia and other places disappear."

If we are misled by a general narrative, things will not look good at all. Local people should be spoken locally, the political scientist is adamant.

Stefanov warned that the parties' calculations could turn out to be wrong if they are made without voters who have the final word.

Lyubomir Stefanov: Radev behaves like a party leader, flies on the wings of his institutional rating

"There is no way to make the account of two candidates (Terziev and Hekimyan in Sofia). ed.) to make a pseudo-campaign to win one, so as to get the national scheme. There may be such motives in the public narrative. I attribute such tales rather as treating the electorate as a flock of sheep."

"It's going to be spectacular, out of the box and it's not going to look like a classic party campaign. Maybe that's the hidden goal. It depends on what style of campaign they choose, "he added regarding the announced yesterday candidacy of journalist Anton Hekimyan Anton Hekimyan is a Bulgarian journalist of Armenian origin, director "News current as a candidate of GERB for mayor of Sofia and the main clash that emerges with the candidate of PP-DB Vasil TerzievVasil Terziev was born on June 9, 1978. He is the candidate for mayor of Sofia, nominated by the parties.

The two main candidates – PP-DB and GERB, do not imply a sharp party clash with fever, the political scientist believes.

There is no way not to make a revision of the current government of the capital, Stefanov said in connection with the version that with a candidate like Hekimyan GERB will present the victory of PP-DB with the agreement not to delve into the current government.

"We can't ignore these things. I just don't see them disappear."

"It's totally speculation right now. We're campaigning for a party. Voter turnout will determine whether there will be a second round and who will go. We may be surprised. If it turns out that Mr. Terziev does not reach the second round, what do we do, "said the political scientist, when asked about a possible runoff between the candidates of the Change and GERB.

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