Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu returned to Hong Kong last night (4th) after a four-day trip to Hangzhou to attend the opening ceremony of the Asian Games. He met with reporters before the Executive Council today (25th), and "Hong Kong 26" will be broadcast live.

Lee Ka-chiu took the initiative to mention his concern about Yuanfang's life-threatening industrial accident today, saying that he had learned about the incident from the police and stressed that he would pursue responsibility in accordance with laws and regulations.

He also talked about the opening ceremony of the Asian Games and expressed his encouragement to the achievements of Hong Kong athletes in this year's Asian Games. He pointed out that the construction of the sports institute is accelerating to provide world-class support to athletes. He also pointed out that Hong Kong has hosted more than 2025 large-scale sports events this year, and he also expected greater development of the sports industry. The Kai Tak Sports Park facility will be completed next year to host the <> National Games.

As for "Hong Kong Night Colour", Lee Ka-chiu predicted more activities and events will be held on various waterfronts, thanking all sectors for their creative planning of activities, and attracting more opinions from now until early next year, hoping that the public will participate in the event and spread a joyful atmosphere.

Li Jiachao meets reporters before the executive meeting (profile photo/Photo by Lin Jingyi)

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