Benghazi - Sputnik. Al-Mismari published through his accounts on social networking sites, the latest toll of victims of floods and torrential rains that hit the city of Derna, until September 24, and the death toll reached 4029 dead.On the tenth of September, a devastating cyclone swept several areas in eastern Libya, leaving great destruction and resulting in thousands of deaths, injuries and missing.Hurricane Daniel swept through two dams dating back to the seventies, releasing millions of cubic meters. International reports and a number of eyewitnesses who spoke with the correspondent of the agency "Sputnik" indicate that the city of Derna and the affected areas in eastern Libya have entire villages erased from the map, such as the proximity of Al-Mukhili located between Tobruk and Benghazi, in addition to Derna, which completely destroyed neighborhoods and wiped out from the face The land has dropped the number of its buildings from 180 before the floods to 50, not to mention the number of missing and victims that were washed away by floods and floods to the bottom of the sea.