The Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Organization (APEC) Economic Cooperation Economic Cooperation (APEC) Economic Cooperation Economic Leaders' Summit (APEC) was held in San Francisco, USA, in mid-November, according to the guidelines of the APEC hosting meeting, the host country is expected to issue a formal invitation letter to the leaders of the members at least eight weeks before the meeting, and it is less than eight weeks before the summit, but Chief Executive Lee Ka-chiu said today (11th) that he is still waiting for the host country to issue an invitation, and said that if the Hong Kong government receives the invitation, it will attend according to the rules. However, he did not respond to whether the Hong Kong government would send other representatives to attend if he was not invited.

The host country of this year's APEC summit is the United States, and the Washington Post quoted news on July 7 as saying that Washington decided to refuse to allow Lee to attend the APEC summit in San Francisco in November, and the report also said that preventing Lee from participating in APEC is not equivalent to hindering Hong Kong from sending other high-level representatives to the meeting.


Before attending the Executive Council this morning (26th), Lee Ka-chiu was asked whether he had received an invitation to the APEC Summit, if so, whether he would attend, and if he did not attend the meeting, which representative of the HKSAR Government would attend. Li Jiachao responded that APEC has relevant guidelines, inertial practices and rules, and any host country and economy must invite leaders of all APEC member economies to attend the event in accordance with relevant practices.

Li Jiachao's response is the same as his own response many times in the past. In the past, the Office of the Chief Executive has issued a press release stating that the United States should fulfill its basic responsibility as a host by inviting the Chief Executive to attend the meeting in his capacity as the leader of Hong Kong, China, in accordance with APEC practice and practice.

Li Jiachao: Still waiting for the APEC host country to issue an invitation The Hong Kong Government will attend according to the rules