Earlier we wrote about how to use a washing machine without light. This is a very useful life hack, given that power outage schedules can be reintroduced in winter. But it often happens that the problem in the kitchen or bathroom appears due to clogged pipes. Even a severe clog can be cleared without the help of a plumber and chemicals.

How to break a clog in the sink with improvised means

You can prepare one of these products yourself. You'll need products that can be found in every home:

Method of preparation of a remedy for clogging a pipe:

  • Take half a lemon, remove all the seeds, cut the fruit into small pieces.
  • Pour the lemon slices into a separate container, fill with water, add 2 tablespoons of salt. Stir.
  • The resulting mixture must be twisted in a blender to a homogeneous structure. Strain the juice.
  • Add one drop of any detergent to the juice. Pour into ice cube trays.
  • The molds need to be placed in the freezer to freeze. Just one such ice cube and the clogging of the sink will pass in a matter of seconds. Such a homemade tool perfectly copes with grease and other debris that settles on the surface of the pipes.