Ukrainian singer Jerry Heil complained about an annoying suitor from Russia.

This is not the first time that a man named Ivan has annoyed the performer with his messages and threats. In Instagram stories, Yana (the singer's real name) showed another message from an inadequate fan.

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In his appeals to the artist, the man threatens her to block social networks and interfere with her creative activities. Moreover, he threatens to mobilize the members of the star's team.

In response to the message, the inadequate Jerry Heil noted that she is not afraid of losing her pages on social networks, but will not allow him to find fault with her friends and relatives.

"Even if he demolishes my pages, I don't care. I always have my music, and you can always find it. I only care that he still stretches out his sticky Russian fingers in the direction of my loved ones and tries to shake the pages of my friends - musicians, throws bots at the pages of my team," the artist said.

Jerry Heil / Photo:

Recall that this man is not the first time he has tried to spoil the singer's life. As Jerry Heil previously said, before the start of the war, Ivan even came to Ukraine and tried to disrupt its concert in Lviv.