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The MP from "Continuing the Change - Democratic Bulgaria" Iskren Mitev exposed in a lie the leader of "Vazrazhdane" Kostadin Kostadinov about his claims about the ownership of the Russian Church in Sofia.

"This is the title deed of the Russian church in Sofia, which shows that it is owned by the Russian Embassy. As the American media in Bulgaria spread another lie that it was not owned by Russia, now I ask - will the American media, fanning anti-Bulgarian and anti-Russian propaganda, apologize for their lie, or not? Or will they instead directly start calling for confiscation?" Kostadinov wrote on Facebook yesterday.

Bishop Tikhon: The title deed of the Russian Church is Bulgarian

"The church is owned by the city. "And now I ask - will the Russian propaganda parties and their leaders, fanning anti-Bulgarian and pro-Russian propaganda, apologize for their lies?" They easily declare them, but they never manifest them," Iskren Mitev wrote in the social network.

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