Citizens of Ukraine liable for military service who illegally crossed the border during martial law will be held liable.

This was stated on the air of the telethon by the spokesman of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine Andriy Demchenko.

"Men liable for military service continue to attempt to cross the border illegally, although recently there have been noticeably fewer such attempts than at the beginning of the war. They are trying to leave the country both outside the checkpoints and through official checkpoints, but in violation of procedures: for example, with forged documents, or simply hiding in the technical cavities of vehicles," he said.

Most of these fugitives, according to the SBGS spokesman, border guards manage to intercept. And those who were able to leave face responsibility upon returning home.

"If someone illegally crossed the state border, in the future, when they return, they will also be brought to justice. This does not mean that if a person has committed such a violation, he will avoid responsibility in the future in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine," Demchenko said.

What kind of punishment threatens such fugitives, the spokesman of the State Border Guard Service did not specify.

Recall that in Poltava, out of a hundred people who were mobilized a year ago, 10-20 people remained in the ranks, the rest are dead, wounded and disabled.

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