In occupied Tokmak, Zaporizhzhia Oblast, the Russian military beat a mobilized soldier from North Ossetia on the grounds of ethnic hatred.

This was told by the injured occupier Arsen Temiraev himself, Russian Telegram channels reports.

He complained that in occupied Tokmak, he was attacked by "his own people", beaten and told that "Russia is for Russians".

"Several cars fly into us. Soldiers armed to the teeth with armbands of "military police" fly out of there. We were laid face down on the floor like pigs. They were treated like cattle. They beat me with rifle butts. My whole head is cut open, my whole body is beaten. The rest of the guys are the same.

As I lay on the floor, a machine gun was fired next to my ear. A red-hot muzzle was pressed against my back. I thought the Nazis were on the other side. It turns out that they are inside us," says the occupier from North Ossetia.

According to him, an employee of the military police of the Russian Federation asked who he was by nationality.

"I replied that I was an Ossetian. " you. Russia for Russians." At that moment, it was so sad that we were there in positions that we seemed to be eradicating this hatred, this Nazism, and these Nazis were inside us. I'll be honest with you, I don't know who to go against and where to go next. When such things happen, you begin to doubt everything," said the zombified occupier, who suddenly "saw the light" when he faced Russian chauvinism on his own skin.

Earlier, journalist Roman Tsymbalyuk told how Kadyrov's detachments put Moscow in "any pose".

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