The Latvian police warned that placing provocative inscriptions in Russian on cars like "I am Russian" is unacceptable, so law enforcement officers will force them to be removed.

This was reported by Delfi.

"Given the geopolitical situation now, Russia's military actions against Ukraine, as well as the general context, any glorification of military aggression, including the placement of potentially provocative inscriptions in Russian on vehicles, such as 'I am Russian / I am Russian,' the press service of the State Police reports.

The police point out that such inscriptions are provocative, as they may indicate support for Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Law enforcement officers have the right to demand the immediate removal of such inscriptions from cars, whatever her motivation.

"If an offense is detected, individuals may be held administratively liable in connection with the glorification of military aggression or war crimes. The State Police also simultaneously urges residents to report if cars with such inscriptions are found by calling the police at 110," the State Police said.

A similar flash mob began among Russians living in the Baltic states last week. Videos and photos of such cars led to skirmishes on social networks. On Saturday evening, the first case of hooliganism by people who made such stickers was recorded.

Earlier, it was reported that Estonia, following Lithuania and Latvia, joined the ban on allowing cars with license plates of the aggressor country Russia into its territory.

In addition, we previously reported that cars with Russian license plates are already being turned around on the border of the Russian Federation and Estonia.

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