In Chernivtsi, doctors performed a unique operation on a man - his jaw was formed from a rib. Previously, the patient experienced a severe injury and, thanks to doctors, is now feeling well.

This was reported by the Chernivtsi edition of "Young Bukovynets".

Patient Petro Katyukhin has been treated since March 2023, he had a complex injury. The man is being treated at the Chernivtsi Regional Clinical Hospital, in the Department of Surgical Dentistry.

Petro Katyukhin said that at first he was treated in another hospital, where he was fitted with a plate, but later decided to turn to doctors from Chernivtsi.

"I've already had three surgeries here. The plate, which was installed in the previous medical institution, broke. Chernivtsi doctors offered to make an implant from my rib and install a new plate. I agreed," says a patient at the hospital.

Pyotr Katyukhin with doctors / Photo:

Mykola Tokar, Acting Head of the Surgical Dentistry Department of the Chernivtsi Regional Clinical Hospital, said that such an operation was performed in this medical institution for the first time. To do this, they consulted with foreign doctors.

"During the first surgery, we removed bone fragments and foreign objects that got into the hyoid and cervical area. The second stage is bone grafting from a rib. This is the first time we have done such an operation. There were several options. After consulting with colleagues from other medical institutions, they decided to use the rib bone. We did a computed tomography scan and saw that the size fits," Mykola Tokar said.

Doctors note that they also performed plastic surgery to repair the damage to the lip, because due to the injury, the man could not eat normally. Now his condition has improved significantly.

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