The CMA visited Beijing last week and was received by Xia Baolong, director of the Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office. Mr Wong Ka-woo, Vice President of the CMA said today (26th) that Ha Po Long has a lot of appreciation for the night economic activities run in Hong Kong, and believes that it is effective in stimulating local consumption; He also pointed out that Xia Po Long clearly grasped the temporary difficulties in Hong Kong caused by Hong Kong people's consumption in the north, and described Xia as confident in Hong Kong's future economy and encouraged the industry to "don't worry too much".

CMA Chairman Shi Lide said that Director Xia is very concerned about Hong Kong's economic situation; "At the meeting, we talked about the current weak night-time economy in Hong Kong, and Mr Ha said that knowing that the HKSAR Government is carrying out relevant work to attract mainland tourists, he believes that it is only a matter of time before Hong Kong's night-time economy recovers." He also said that Xia Baolong mentioned "doing a good job in regional elections" and encouraged manufacturers to call on voters to come out and vote.

The delegation of the Chinese Manufacturers' Association of Hong Kong visited Beijing on the morning of September 9 was received by Xia Baolong (Hong Kong and Macao Affairs Office website)

Lu Jinrong, executive vice president of the CMA Association, said that Xia Baolong encouraged the CMA to lead the industry to develop "new industrialization", "technology commercialization" and integrate into the overall development of the country to make greater contributions.

In summarizing the trip, Shi Lide pointed out that this is the second visit to Beijing after 7 years, and the short 4-day trip is very fulfilling and fruitful, especially the affirmation of the CMA by Director Xia Baolong, which makes them feel very excited.

Shi Lide also said that the Victoria Gardener Exhibition from December 12 to January 16 next year will add new elements, and is negotiating with Xinjiang to make Xinjiang products appear at the exhibition, and hopes to invite local song and dance groups to perform and attract citizens with wonderful dances. CMA Vice President Sze Wing-hang revealed that he plans to extend the opening hours of the Brands and Products Expo from 1pm to 8pm by 8 hour, and actively explore whether it can further postpone the closing time.

In addition to being received by Xia Baolong, the CMA delegation visited Beijing from 9 to 19 September, and also visited the United Front Work Department of the Central Committee, as well as leaders of the Ministry of Commerce, the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade, the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce and other ministries and commissions, to exchange views on how to promote the Hong Kong business community to better align with the national development strategy.

Xia Baolong met with the manufacturers' meeting visiting delegation, affirmed his patriotic tradition of loving Hong Kong and his contribution to reform and opening up, and was received by Xia Baolong for the first time since 2016 Liu Yeqiang: Fruitful results, Zeng Guowei, concluded his visit to Beijing Xia Baolong urged the implementation of the regional governance plan during the meeting, and met with Mai Meijuan, who visited Beijing Xia Baolong affirmed the SAR government's improvement of regional governance