Apple cider vinegar does not have to be bought in a store, this healthy and tasty product can be prepared at home. In addition to its health benefits, apple cider vinegar is widely used in cooking.

How to make apple cider vinegar at home

Ingredients per 1 kg of apples:Method of preparation:

The main component of vinegar is fermented juice, the level of sweetness of apples and the added amount of sugar determines the percentage of alcohol content. During the fermentation of vinegar, a white film known as the "vinegar uterus" can form at the top of the container. It has a higher concentration of nutrients compared to all vinegar and is widely used to treat, for example, joint pain, dermatological problems, and other diseases.

What are the benefits of apple cider vinegar

In addition to the medicinal properties noted above, home-made vinegar :

For whom vinegar can be harmful

It must be remembered that vinegar is an acid, so it can only be consumed diluted and after consulting a doctor.

It is forbidden to use vinegar for people with gastritis, gastric ulcer, intestinal ulcer. Hepatitis, cirrhosis of the liver and kidney problems are also contraindications for its use. Also, do not give vinegar to children.