Chief Executive John Lee Ka-chiu returned to Hong Kong last night (4th) after a four-day trip to Hangzhou to attend the opening ceremony of the Asian Games. He met with reporters before the Executive Council today (25th) and took the initiative to mention his concern about the fatal industrial accident of Austin Yuanfang, saying that he had learned about the incident from the police and stressed that he would be held accountable in accordance with laws and regulations.

He also talked about the opening ceremony of the Asian Games and expressed his encouragement to the achievements of Hong Kong athletes in this year's Asian Games. He pointed out that the construction of the sports institute is accelerating to provide world-class support to athletes. He also pointed out that Hong Kong has hosted more than 2025 large-scale sports events this year, and he also expected greater development of the sports industry. The Kai Tak Sports Park facility will be completed next year to host the <> National Games.

As for "Hong Kong Night Colourful", Lee Ka-chiu predicts that there will be more activities, a number of waterfront activities will be held, the National Day fireworks will once again light up the sky over Victoria Harbour on the night of November, it is expected that hundreds of thousands of citizens on both sides of Victoria Harbour will enjoy it, groups and organizations will come up with creative moves one after another, and fire fighting will also flexibly cooperate with various units, such as the Fire Service Association cooperates with the night market to cook over open fires. He said that from now until early next year, more views will be absorbed, and he hopes that the public will participate in the activities and spread a joyful atmosphere.

At the APEC leadership summit, the host country is required to invite all member leaders to the table, he is still waiting for the host country to issue an invitation, and the Hong Kong government will attend according to the rules.


The person in charge of the site should do a good job in risk management, and the operators should also do a good job in prevention

Expressing concern about the fatal accident in West Kowloon and his family members, the Acting Chief Executive, Mr Chan Kwok-kee, has requested the Police to investigate, and the Labour Department will cooperate with the investigation and inspect all sealed sites. Li Jiachao reiterated that the person in charge of the site should do a good job in risk management and safety awareness, and the operators should also do a good job in prevention, emphasizing that occupational safety work is a long-term work and will continue to be promoted in the future.

When asked how to prevent people from failing to comply with the legal requirements in the recent industrial accident at Washstin Road Round Square Shopping Centre, Mr Lee pointed out that the industrial accident in Kowloon West was serious and reiterated that everyone should participate so that the accident would not happen. He also pointed out that the penalties under the occupational safety and health legislation have been increased to a maximum of two years' imprisonment, but no matter how many laws are and how the penalties are increased, people still need to comply with them, so everyone should participate in it and make their own efforts to prevent accidents.

He pointed out that in addition to occupational safety and health legislation, occupational safety and health culture is required, and both site managers and operators must be aware of its importance. He pointed out that the recent promotion of technology to assist occupational safety and health requires strict compliance with the measures, and the Government will also conduct inspections to follow up after accidents and understand the truth.

He also said that no matter whether the penalty is raised or the guidelines are written, operators, participants and operators will strictly implement it, and the Government Inspection will spare no effort to clarify responsibilities every time an accident occurs, and the Labour Department has immediately inspected the hidden working environment.

As for the tragedy of a pair of brothers with intellectual disabilities starving to death, he pointed out that the two died at home due to their intellectual disabilities, and the Hospital Authority has released the information and information they have learned, after the mother of the two deceased was admitted to the hospital, the two lived on their own for 4 months, and their families also pointed out that they had the ability to take care of themselves. He believes that there will be a post-mortem report, and the Police will investigate and submit the report to the Coroner's Court, and then decide whether to convene the Coroner's Court to study the cause of the two deaths. He stressed the importance attached to support for caregivers.

Lee expressed sadness about the incident, saying that caregivers need support, that the government has an important responsibility to provide assistance in any hidden cases, and that social welfare agencies can step up their efforts to help those who need help. He pointed out that the district knows more about hidden families, the care team and the district council can play their due strength, and the Home Affairs Commissioner will coordinate the district affairs. Mr Lee emphasised the importance of building a community of mutual help and hoped that citizens would work together to build a caring and inclusive society.

Referring to the Hangzhou Asian Games, Lee Ka-chiu pointed out that the Hong Kong team has performed well, and has won 3 gold, 4 silver and 7 bronze awards in the first two days, adding glory to Hong Kong and thanking them for their efforts. Mr Lee said that Hong Kong has allocated $74.42 billion for the development of sports, an increase of 7% over the past, and the Hong Kong government has promoted popularization and encouraged different people to participate in sports. "Elite", with over $000 million allocated this year, with the hope that the Sports Institute will be established as a new training ground this year; In terms of "event-making", the Hong Kong government will increase its funding for each major sports event to $1 million, and there will be badminton matches in the next two months and a Century Track Buggy Competition in November. He pointed out that the sports development market is expected to become more mature as citizens' lives return to normal, revealing that the construction of Kai Tak Stadium will be completed and is expected to be put into service in 500.

One week after the launch of Hong Kong Night Show, Lee Ka-chiu pointed out that three beachfront Wan Chai, Tsim Sha Tsui and Kwun Tong will hold a series of activities this week. The fireworks display, which has been missing for five years on National Day, is expected to attract 10,<> people to both sides of Victoria Harbour. He said that various departments would do their best to assist in organising the "Night Colour", which would include allowing vendors to use open fires for cooking. He said that from now until early next year, more views will be absorbed, and he hopes that the public will participate in the activities and spread a joyful atmosphere.

Referring to the November Golden Week, Lee Ka-chiu pointed out that based on the resumption of the 11th National Day fireworks display, many hotels revealed that there had been an increase in visitor enquiries, while the Min, Sports and Tourism Bureau was also mobilizing preparations, and the customs and airports also increased manpower to cope with the "November Golden Week" passengers. Mr Lee emphasised that the HKTB will observe the flow of local people and have countermeasures at any time, hoping that the public will experience the joyful atmosphere of Hong Kong together.

When asked if there was any publicity for the upcoming District Council election, Mr Lee expressed confidence that the EAC would announce the details of the election, and the details of the arrangement of the election activities, including the time and place of voting, would be announced, stressing the importance of this election, ensuring that the voting was conducted safely and cleanly, and calling on the public to vote actively.

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