In Chernihiv oblast, an informant of the special services of the aggressor country Russia was detained. The offender collected intelligence on the troops of the Defence Forces and critical infrastructure in the border areas.

This was reported in the press service of the SBU.

The Russians were interested in information about the location of checkpoints, the number of personnel, the availability of military equipment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the construction of military aviation facilities in the region. Their informant "drew" diagrams of local railway routes along which freight trains run.

Also, a supporter of Putin's troops collected information about the energy infrastructure of Chernihiv. The Russian Federation needed this information to prepare a new series of air attacks on the region.

The enemy informant is a local resident. During the occupation of part of the region, he was noticed by the invaders because the man had pro-kremlin views. In May 2023, a representative of the Russian special services contacted him remotely and offered him cooperation.

The SSU detained the offender at his place of residence. During the search, they found a mobile phone in his possession, which he used to communicate with the aggressor. He 'reported' on the fulfillment of the invaders' tasks in an anonymous chat. To conceal his criminal activity, he immediately deleted all messages after each "session" of communication with the occupiers.

The traitor is currently in custody. The offender faces up to 12 years in prison.

As reported, an agent of the Russian Federation was sentenced to life imprisonment in Ukraine. He guided Russian missiles at the Zaporizhia defense plant. Law enforcement officers detained the traitor during a special operation in the frontline territory of the region in November 2022.

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