The latest of these warnings came on Tuesday from the director of Israel's Dimona nuclear reactor, Major General (reserve) Udi Adam.According to foreign reports, Israel has a nuclear arsenal that is not subject to international supervision, and seeks to prevent any other regional actor from obtaining similar capabilities.Earlier this month, Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen described the Washington-led negotiations between his country and Saudi Arabia to normalize relations as "very complicated." Cohen did not clarify his intention, but talk had escalated in the Hebrew media, recently, about "Saudi demands from the United States of America, which leads the mediation of a normalization agreement between Riyadh and Tel Aviv." Last Thursday, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman said in a television interview that "the Kingdom is close to normalizing its relations with Israel," but stressed the importance of the Palestinian issue for its own negotiations. Bin Salman added, "We will get a nuclear weapon if Iran can get it." In late 2020, Israel signed agreements to normalize relations with the UAE, Bahrain and Morocco and similar understandings with Sudan, under the auspices of former US President Donald Trump, at the White House.Benjamin Netanyahu's government is striving to sign a similar agreement with Saudi Arabia, because of its weight in the Arab and Islamic worlds, but Riyadh, on more than one occasion, has stressed that the normalization of relations with Israel is linked to resolving the conflict. with the Palestinians.