Andrii Shyshuk, a serviceman of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, said that drones could decide the end of the war.

This was reported by Espresso.

"Now there is no great need to spend people on those activities that previously required it, because the war of drones continues. Air, sea, and ground drones are used. Even among aerial drones, there are already different categories – reconnaissance, bomber, kamikaze drones," Shyshuk said.

According to him, sometimes drones work even better than artillery and aviation. Therefore, the fighter does not rule out that at this stage, drones can decide the end of the war.

Shishuk believes that drones are more important even than F-16s and ATACMS.

"The enemy has already begun to invest its money and efforts in this direction. It is important that we do not fall behind. We need drones, drones, and more drones. We need more drones. The enemy has powerful electronic warfare equipment. The Russians are developing them, we lack it. During the assault on enemy positions, the enemy is trying to suppress communication channels with drones in order to "blind" our fighters. There should always be a lot of UAVs in position," the serviceman concluded.

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