For several weeks a bear has been startling the residents of the village of Mihalkovo, Devin region, walking through the streets of the settlement during daylight hours.

One of the last walks appeared on social networks, where a local resident filmed a video showing the bear running along the path of the village, trying to enter through a closed door of a retail outlet, and cars and dogs pass nearby.

At this stage, there are no damages and injuries, but the stress for the local population is great, said Mayor Damyan Ganev.

"For some time there has been a bear that does not stand in the forest, but walks around the village. So far, she has not done any havoc, except that she scares people," Ganev added.

The visits of the wild animal are about twenty days, mostly in the morning and evening it appears in Mihalkovo. The town hall has alerted all possible institutions and hopes to expel the bear.

The South Central State Enterprise assured us that in Mihalkovo there will already be teams on duty who will try to drive the bear out of the settlement, even providing food in the forests so that it does not go down to the village anymore. Zdravko Bakalov – Director of the enterprise in Smolyan.

A bear shot and ate 10 calves and 11 sheep near Arda.

"This is a young bear, about 2-3 years old and has recently separated from the mother and is most likely looking for food to overwinter. We also have signals from many other settlements, the reason is mainly the lack of food. This year is scarce on walnuts, plums and in general forest trees have no fruit this year and the animals begin to go down the settlements and get food and accumulate calories. The behavior of this bear shows that he is stressed and runs away, "commented Eng. Bakalov.

The people of Mihalkovo hope that the problem will be solved a day soon, as they are worried about the appearance of the bear, writes Darik.

Last week, a bait was killed in the Smilyan area, which had caused serious damage to domestic animals.


Mihalkovo village