The woman told how she found out that her husband leads a double life - and all this thanks to innocent page flipping on social networks.

The Mirror writes about it.

Social media is a great way to stay on top of what your friends and family are doing, share your favorite snaps, and post memories. However, the last thing you can expect is to discover ominous information about your partner, as one woman did while scrolling through posts on Facebook.

She noticed a photo of her husband and another stranger in the comments of the post in the group. When she went to the user's page, she found that they were married and also had a child, but with a different last name.

The devastated woman admitted that there were already warning signs in their relationship. Her husband travels frequently, and eight months ago she discovered that he had contracted an incurable STD. He harshly accused her, even stating that she was unfaithful.

"I looked at a Facebook group where people help children, ask for donations, share experiences and memes. The mother said that she gave her husband laxative tea so that he would not go to a football match the next day. There was continuous mockery and laughter in the comments, and she was offered to update the result. I'm a person who likes to read comments, unfortunately I saw a profile that had a picture of a woman with my husband," she said on Reddit.

After stumbling upon a stranger's profile and finding stunning photos, she also noticed that her husband had a different last name to cover her tracks. She further explained, "I started watching and apparently they got married peacefully, my husband created a different profile but he has a different first and last name. I think this kid has a made-up last name."

Wondering what to do, the woman decided that it was best to confess her discoveries, since she had the impression that "the other woman didn't know about her existence either", so she sent her a message. However, she learned that the new chosen one of her lover already knew that he was married.

"They have been married for two years and their child is about 14 months old. Although they are not formally married, their marriage is invalid. I hired a lawyer, gathered all the evidence, and am in divorce proceedings. I complained that he preferred her, he left home to live with her," she said.

Heartbroken by the result of the confrontation, she asked for advice on how to move forward:

Recall that the woman for 20 years came to the metro station every day to hear the voice of her late husband. More than 40 years ago, he recorded all the announcements on the station.