The head of the office for international policy in the administration of the Polish president, Marcin Przydacz, said that President Volodymyr Zelenskyy's speech at the UN caused a critical reaction not only from Poland but also from other countries.

Przydacz said this on the air of Radio ZET.

Last Tuesday, September 19, at the UN General Assembly in New York, which was also attended by President Andrzej Duda, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky compared the imposition of an embargo on Ukrainian agricultural products by five European countries to a "thriller with grain in the background." He also said that some countries are "helping to prepare the stage for the Moscow actor."

Such a statement was criticized in Poland.

"Perhaps some bad emotions played on the side of Kyiv... Probably, there are people in President Zelensky's entourage who just don't tell him well," Przydacz said.

A representative of the Polish presidential administration added that breaking any partnership with allies would not be in Ukraine's interests.

During the visit to New York, a meeting of the presidents of Poland and Ukraine was supposed to take place, but this did not happen. Przydacz assured that the Polish side is open to negotiations: "If there is a constructive approach, we do not rule out contacts at the highest level."

The official assured that Poland does not want to aggravate the already tense situation on the Warsaw-Kyiv line.

"Negotiations should lead to constructive conclusions, and secondly, we should not lead to aggravation of statements. A lot has already been said from the Ukrainian side," he said.

Przydacz assured that he is negotiating with President Zelenskyy's inner circle, and the public will be informed about the decision in this case. He added that contacts in Warsaw and Kyiv are aimed at resolving problematic issues as soon as possible.

Earlier, Marcin Przydacz said that if Ukraine "does not want to be friends with Poland, we will not impose ourselves."

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