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(CNN Spanish) -- Tropical Storm Philippe formed Saturday in Atlantic waters about 1,500 kilometers west of the Cape Verde Islands. The National Hurricane Center of the U.S. Office of Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration forecasts that it would remain a tropical storm at least until Thursday of this week.

In an update Monday at 11 a.m. Miami time, the National Hurricane Center reports that Philipe remains firm, after the NHC reported Sunday that the tropical storm was moving "west-northwest across the central tropical Atlantic."

This Monday morning, tropical storm Philipe was 1,865 km east of the northern Leeward Islands with maximum sustained winds of 85 km / h, according to the CNH, and the forecast is not alarming: Philipe is expected to change little in strength and so far there are no "coastal watches or warnings in force".

Authorities say Philippe is moving west at about 20 km/h and a northwesterly move is expected on Monday night.

What places may be affected by Philippe?

The forecasts give some reassurance on account of Phillippe's location and strength, so the NHC expects "development, if any, to be slow over the next day or two as it slowly moves west," according to Monday's bulletin at 8 a.m. Miami time.


"It (in the Gulf of Mexico) disturbance is expected to move to unfavorable environmental conditions in the middle of the week, ending its odds of development," according to the CNH, which says the chances of the storm intensifying in the next 48 and up to 7 days is "low."

Meanwhile, in the tropical Atlantic, "an area of low pressure located several hundred miles southwest of the Cape Verde Islands continues to produce disorganized downpours and thunderstorms," according to the CNH.

According to the report, it is possible that environmental conditions are "conducive" to further development and that a tropical depression will form in the coming days, "as the system moves west-northwest across the central tropical Atlantic."

So far Philippe is not expected to make landfall or have land damage.

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