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(CNN) -- Ukraine claimed it killed the commander of Russia's Black Sea Fleet, in one of Kyiv's boldest attacks on the occupied Crimean peninsula.

Ukraine's Special Operations Forces said in an update that Friday's attack killed Viktor Sokolov along with 33 other officers.

"Following the hit on the headquarters of the Russian Black Sea Fleet, 34 officers were killed, including the commander of the Russian Black Sea Fleet," the Ukrainians said Monday, adding that more than 100 other Russian servicemen were wounded.

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CNN cannot independently confirm Ukraine's claims about Solokov or the number of casualties. CNN reached out to the Russian Defense Ministry for comment.

Moscow has declared that a military man is missing as a result of the Ukrainian attack on Sevastopol.


Ukraine has increasingly attacked Russian strategic targets in Crimea, the Black Sea region of southern Ukraine occupied by Moscow since 2014.

On Friday he carried out perhaps the boldest attack yet; Kyiv officials said they successfully attacked a Russian command post near Verkhniosadove, a few kilometers from Sevastopol. The Institute for the Study of War (ISW) noted that satellite images confirmed that Ukrainian forces "attacked the 744th Communications Center of the Black Sea Fleet Command... as part of an apparent Ukrainian effort to attack Black Sea Fleet installations."

Ukrainian Defense Intelligence spokesman Andrii Yusov said Russia was using Crimea as a "logistics hub" and that "the ultimate goal, of course, is the deoccupation of Ukrainian Crimea."

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In a statement on Telegram, Ukraine's Special Operations Forces said a special operation dubbed "Crab Trap" was scheduled to strike while senior members of the Russian Navy were gathering, and that the attack left dozens dead and wounded "including top fleet management."

Russia appointed Sokolov as the new commander of its Crimea-based Black Sea fleet in August 2022, state media outlet TASS reported at the time.

Sokolov had been serving as head of the Naval Academy since 2020. He was deputy commander of the Northern Fleet from 2013 to 2020. The change of command came amid heavy losses and a string of explosions at Russian military installations in Crimea.

Sevastopol is Crimea's largest city, illegally annexed by Russia in 2014. Ukraine did not lose hope of regaining it.

Before Friday's attack, the Ukrainians had carried out a new series of attacks on Crimea. They attacked a Russian military airfield in Saky, downgraded Russian air defenses on the northwest coast, and carried out a missile attack on Sevastopol's main dry dock and ship repair center, disabling an attack submarine and a landing ship.

The attack on Saky caused unspecified "serious damage" at the airfield, according to sources in the Security Services of Ukraine (SBU).

CNN's Tim Lister contributed reporting.

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