The recent double corpse murder case in Sau Maoping caused a social uproar, and Legislative Council members who have always paid attention to the support of caregivers and people with disabilities Di Chi-yuan, A4 Alliance Lam Suwei, and Election Committee Jiang Yuhuan held a joint press conference today (25th).

Jiang Yuhuan lamented that this tragedy is out of touch with the understanding of society, pointing out that the government often emphasizes that the community has care and morality, and asks why caregivers "can't fall" into these protection nets. Lin Suwei angrily reprimanded: "Didn't I eat the bark of trees, and some adults starved to death?" Di Zhiyuan roughly estimated that there were nearly 20 homicides involving caregivers in the past year, and suggested strengthening cooperation between doctors and the community and following up in the mode of case managers to avoid shirking responsibilities between departments.

Jiang Yuhuan: The tragedy of Xiumaoping is divorced from social cognition

Jiang Yuhuan described that the Sau Maoping tragedy is divorced from social cognition, pointing out that the Taiwan authorities often say that Hong Kong has laws, morality and care, and asked why this incident could not fall into these protection nets? She believed that the incident exposed the lack of support for high-risk caregivers and people with disabilities in the community, and reiterated that caregiver services are not only funding, but also an overall public welfare policy, and cross-departmental cooperation should be followed.

Jiang Yuhuan urged the Government to formulate the first five-year policy, change the current "one-size-fits-all" support for caregiver policy, and formulate a "filing and filing" system for carers in a census-style manner in Hong Kong from the legal level, with medical forces as the support for the system; Enrich support for caregivers, including informational, social, psychological and emotional support policies in addition to financial support; Empower communities, build caregiver-friendly communities, and more. Jiang Yuhuan shouted to the government: "Caregiver policy, the government can no longer make promises!" If the policy resources can be abundant and the logic is not clear, the final caregiver line is only psychological comfort."

Why was the mother admitted to the hospital for 4 months and no one found her son to take care of?

Lin Suwei scolded angrily: "I don't want to eat the bark of trees, and there are adults who starve to death?" She questioned that the mother of the tragedy had been admitted to the hospital for 4 months, during which no one found that the mother had two mentally disabled sons who needed to be taken care of, and wondered why the hospital did not do a good job in the background check of the patient, and frankly said that it was "unacceptable". She added that the Regional Support Centre for the Disabled is a package service for people with disabilities, providing emergency home visits, hostel referrals, etc., but the two deceased in this tragedy did not benefit, reflecting that "services are not in place".

She urged the Government to set up a "Disability Commission" headed by the Deputy Secretary to invite different stakeholders to join the meeting to discuss long-term support policy arrangements for persons with disabilities and carers.

Promote the establishment of safety nets to register all at-risk households

Di Zhiyuan listed the tragedies involving caregivers in the past year, saying that there have been nearly 20 murders in just one year, and "after each occurrence, officials came out to say a few words of comfort, but they could not see how the government would follow up". He urged the Government to set up a community support safety net, register high-risk families including elderly care, elderly care, disability care, etc., simply investigate the patient's family background and whether he or she plays the role of caregiver at the time of admission, and establish a case manager model for follow-up to avoid shirking between departments so as to enable continuous follow-up.

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