Artem Dementii, a soldier from Zaporizhzhia, was killed at the front in May 2023 in Donetsk oblast. During the war, he found a dog and took care of it, filmed videos and promised to return to his family. Now the family has done everything to find the four-legged friend of the deceased soldier.

This is stated in the story of TSN correspondent Kira Oves.

Artem Dementii fought in the 72nd Brigade of the Black Zaporozhians. In the Donetsk region, I met a dog. He fed, bathed, even slept together.

The soldier sent a video with Fang (the dog's nickname - ed.) to his family, saying that he would bring him home. But in May of this year, he died from shrapnel wounds. After recovering from the tragedy, the family began to look for the dog. Artem's comrades-in-arms helped, and his wife monitored social networks.

"I came across volunteers from Kropyvnytskyi, found their Facebook page, saw his photo, I realized that it was him, then they started calling and looking for him," says the wife of the fallen soldier Kateryna Dementii.

Widow of a fallen soldier / Photo: TSN

Volunteers from Kropyvnytskyi are constantly taking animals out of the war zone. Among them was Fang. However, here he was called Ricci. A new family was found for the dog, and a few days later, Kateryna called the volunteers.

"I ask - is this your dog? I think maybe the owners have come to their senses and decided to take their dog and ask how he is doing. She says no, it's a dog that stuck to my husband, to the military. And I was with him all the time, but my husband died. She says I really want to take it away in memory of my husband," says volunteer Kateryna Dorosh.

Fang's new family was touched by this story. They agreed to give the dog to the fighter's family. Volunteers were able to deliver the dog to Dnipro. They were already waiting for him there.

"Dad promised a dog, firstly, it was necessary to fulfill his promise, and secondly, dogs, these are psychologists, children are very happy and I believe that this is a breath of fresh air for them now," says the widow of the soldier Ekaterina Dementiy.

Now the new owner of Klik, 8-year-old Vika, is the daughter of a fallen soldier.

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"He has chosen his eldest daughter, he sleeps with her, walks with her, if she goes to dances, he cries for her, jumps at the door," says Kateryna Dementiy.

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