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We witnessed something unprecedented. The Russian ambassador announced that the church was Russian and locked the temple. She was the owner of the church. She may even sell the church plate inside or the relics of St. Nicholas. Seraphim, which is unacceptable. This was stated by the philosopher, theologian, cultural scientist and politician prof. Kalin Yanakiev in the show "More from the day" on BNT.

"Even if the church building is Russian, the church as a community cannot but be owned by the Bulgarian Church. Anyone who is ordained can serve in the temple," he said.

"The scandal grew because Mrs. Mitrofanova and the native Putinophiles said that the temple officials were expelled as Christians, not as citizens who spied on. Surely Vasian Zmeev and his company certainly did not act alone in Bulgaria and in Macedonia. If the report is published, Bulgarians may also suffer, "admitted prof. Yanakiev.

Mitrofanova threatens Bulgaria over the case with the Russian Church

In his words, the politicization of the case is outrageous and is not on our part.

"This Vasian Zmeev in 2015 was removed from office as rector of the Russian seminary after a sexual scandal. In addition, he was tasked with monitoring the Ukrainian Patriarch. This man should have been monitored by the services," revealed prof. Yanakiev.

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