Luisa González and Daniel Noboa will face each other in the second round of Ecuador's 2023 elections.

(CNN Spanish) -- In the second round of Ecuador's presidential elections, Correa candidate Luisa González and Daniel Noboa, of the National Democratic Action Party, will face off at the polls. What do the polls say?

Noboa is emerging as the favorite candidate, according to surveys by Click Research and Business & Strategies. The simulation in the most recent Click Research poll places Noboa — son of former presidential candidate and businessman Álvaro Noboa Pontón — with 45.78% of direct votes and 55.16% of valid votes. The consulting firm Negocios & Estrategias positions Daniel Noboa with 39.98% of total votes in the survey estimate.

González, candidate of the Citizen Revolution Movement Party, led by former President Rafael Correa, is in second place with 37.22% of direct votes and 44.84% of valid votes in the simulation with ballot, according to Click Research. Business & Strategies gives him the estimate of 36.56% of the total vote according to the survey published on September 19.

In the first round of elections, Luisa González was the most voted candidate, with 33.30% of the total votes. Daniel Noboa obtained 23.66% of the votes cast and ranked as the second most voted candidate, after the polls prior to the election day of August 20 did not position him with such a favorable result.

According to Click Research, as of September 2023, 67.66% of respondents have already decided their vote, compared to 32.34% of undecided.

When is the second round of Ecuador's 2023 elections?

The second round of Ecuador's presidential elections will take place on Sunday, October 15, according to the calendar published by the National Electoral Council (CNE).


The Organic Electoral Law of Ecuador establishes that there will be a second round in the elections for president and vice president if in the first "no presidential binomial had achieved an absolute majority of valid votes cast."

Methodology of the surveys used in this article:

Click Research conducted its face-to-face survey in households from September 2 to 6 based on 3,040 cases in Pichincha, Guayas, Manabí, Azuay, Sierra Norte, Sierra Sur, Costa Norte and Costa Sur, in a population over 16 years old qualified to vote.

Negocios & Estrategias conducted its face-to-face household survey from September 13 to 18 based on 5,000 cases in the 15 most populated provinces of Ecuador, in a population over 18 years old.

With information from Ángela Reyes Haczek, Marlon Sorto and Ana María Cañizares.

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