TV presenter Masha Efrosinina revealed to fans her secrets of beauty and youth.

The celebrity has just a great appearance and receives a lot of questions about how she managed to achieve such a result. In her Instagram stories, Masha replied that a beautiful appearance means working on yourself.

"Despite the efforts of gossipers about my plastic surgery and some other sh*t that is written about me, I can repeat again and again that appearance is work, my mother by the leg! A lot of daily painstaking work," Efrosinina said.

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So, the presenter listed the points that she tries to adhere to every day for a flawless look. Among them are not only beauty treatments, but also taking care of your mental health.

"In my case, food discipline and regimen. Dietary supplements and nutraceuticals as prescribed by specialists. Physical activity. Psychotherapy. Spiritual eco-friendliness. I do a lot of general cleaning in my space! And, of course, beauty care! I am constantly looking for new treatments. And wherever she is," Masha shared.

Masha Efrosinina / Photo: