In remarks to "Sputnik", Al-Asmar said, "The "forces" party was clear from the beginning of the road its commitment to the institutions and constitutional ways to elect a president of the republic as dictated by the constitution, through the parliament and under the dome of parliament and not in external dialogues, and therefore external dialogue aims only to waste time and hold responsibility to another team for those who actually disrupt the presidential elections. Al-Asmar pointed out that "any dialogue that takes place during successive sessions to elect a president inside the dome of parliament, and otherwise we will not participate in any dialogue session outside the constitutional frameworks, and more than that, we will not accept to dialogue with those who assassinated the country and citizens, and with those who persist in destroying the country, there are constitutional frameworks." We need a new government, laws and bills approved in the parliament, and for the parliament to come out of the status of the electoral body to the legislative body after the election of the president, hence our demand that the economic and security situation will not be upright except by producing power starting from the president, and any delay will lead to further collapse and deterioration of the Lebanese situation. In order to go to the parliament and not to disrupt the elections so that we reach the desired result."