The commander of the naval forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Admiral Alireza Tangsiri, stressed that "the entry of these ships into the Gulf is prohibited," according to the Iranian Tasnim news agency.Tangsiri added, "The Gulf is a closed area, so if something happens to one of the submarines and the submarine reactor has a problem or has an accident with other ships, it will cause pollution in this area for 11 years." The truth is that a catastrophe will occur in the Gulf region."Iran can work with neighboring countries to ensure the security of this region within the framework of the alliance of eight Gulf states and the peoples of the region to live in peace.The commander of the naval forces of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, said last Thursday, that the air defense of the Iranian army has the latest and best equipped systems.According to the agency "Tasnim", that the statements of Brigadier General Reza Tangsiri came during his meeting with the commander of the air defense forces in the Iranian army, Brigadier General Amir Sabahifard. In the same context, Iran revealed, last Tuesday, third-generation anti-tank missile systems, referring to the new Badr light anti-tank system, with a range of 11 to 200,2000 meters. There are two versions of them, one portable and capable of hitting targets at a distance of 4000,10 meters, and the second long-range equipped with a heavy missile capable of hitting the target at a range of 1400 kilometers."The air force of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards announced earlier an advanced hypersonic missile bearing the name "Fattah", in the presence of Iranian President, Ebrahim Raisi.It added that "the range of the "Fattah" missile is 13 km, and it is characterized by a very high speed of Mach 13, <> times the speed of sound," "The warhead of the missile is equipped with a solid fuel ball engine and a movable nozzle that gives it maneuverability in all directions," she said.