Hazelnuts began to be actively grown in Ukraine. According to economists' forecasts, in a few years, Ukraine may turn from an importer of hazelnuts into one of the largest exporters in the world. The processing of nuts, grains, oilseeds, or potatoes is no less popular during a full-scale war.

This is stated in the story of TSN correspondent Victoria Kovtsun.

Ukraine can completely cover domestic needs in the hazelnut market

In the Kyiv region, Nina and her husband planted a hazelnut orchard during the coronavirus pandemic - a total of 12 thousand trees. Last year, during the full-scale war, the first, albeit small, harvest was already harvested.

This year, the plans are more ambitious – they are already negotiating with retail chains and supermarkets so that their nuts can get to the shelves. After all, so far on the Ukrainian market, a significant part of hazelnuts is imported. But in recent years, the situation has gradually changed – farmers across the country are planting entire hazelnut orchards.

Mrs. Nina in the hazelnut orchard

"The main goal is import substitution," says Gennady Yudin, president of the Ukrainian Nut Association.

He notes that there are currently 7 thousand hectares of hazelnut orchards in Ukraine. This could completely close the domestic market of Ukraine.

In addition to hazelnuts, other nuts, such as walnuts or almonds, have great prospects to displace imports, and our farmers are now actively planting blueberries. According to the calculations of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy, in a few years, the domestic market for these positions can be filled exclusively with Ukrainian products.

How hazelnuts and other products are processed in Ukraine

Processing is no less popular in agribusiness today. Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion, its pace has increased significantly. For example, the same hazelnuts are processed no less actively than grown.

Grain is also in the top popular products for processing. Now the scale has increased several times. Since the beginning of the full-scale war, Mr. Viktor's enterprise in the Kirovohrad region has doubled its processing volumes.

"The war has set such irreversible trends for the growth of processed products. The area of oilseeds is increasing, sugar beets have increased, which are processed within Ukraine and then exported as sugar, processing of corn and other grains," says Taras Vysotsky, First Deputy Minister of Agrarian Policy of Ukraine.

According to forecasts, this year, as in previous years, at least 2/3 of the grown grain, oilseeds and processed products will be exported. After all, even despite the war, we grow many times more than we consume. And these numbers will definitely grow, despite all the attempts of the occupiers to destroy the agricultural sector of Ukraine.

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