There are heating batteries in every house, they heat the house during the cold season. In Ukrainian houses, there are mainly cast iron and aluminum batteries with "fins" and it is not so easy to wash them. When dust and dirt accumulate on the batteries, the heat transfer from them is significantly reduced. How to easily and quickly clean batteries even in hard-to-reach places – read on.

How to clean batteries from dust in hard-to-reach places: cleaning methods

The ideal would be to simply wipe with a damp cloth every week. But if you did not dare to wash the batteries in all possible places for a long time, then you will need a "general" cleaning. To do this, you will need to arm yourself with a vacuum cleaner, a bucket, detergent, clean, dry cloths, a hairdryer or steamer, and a brush.

To cope well with dirt on batteries, you need to vacuum them with the maximum amount of dust. It is worth carefully going through all sections with the vacuum cleaner tube. Then place a cloth under the battery so that all the dirt falls on it during cleaning.

To start the stage of cleaning the battery, you need to figure out what they are: aluminum or cast iron. The cleaning method will depend on this.

How to easily wash a cast iron battery: step-by-step instructions

Pour warm water into the bucket and add liquid detergent. In a soapy solution, it is necessary to rinse the brush. Next, with this brush, carefully walk through the space between the sections. After washing the battery inside and between the "ribs", wipe it first with a damp cloth and then with a dry cloth. Be sure to wipe the battery dry so that rust does not appear on it.

How to wash an aluminum battery: effective methods

To wash such a battery from dirt, you will not need a brush, since it is too thick. Therefore, it is better to use other devices:

How To Wash The Inside Of Batteries: A Method That Will Save You Time

A very common problem that many people face during the heating season is that batteries stop heating up. This is usually because one of the sections may become clogged. In order to blow out the debris, you can buy a special chemical or use a very strong pressure of water. But it is not recommended to perform such actions on your own. Therefore, it is better to invite a plumber and do it under his supervision.

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