Due to the current political deadlock, the concern of Indian students who went to Canada has increased.

New Delhi:

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau's allegations that the Indian government was involved in the killing of Khalistani terrorist Hardeep Singh Nijjar has increased the tension between the governments of the two countries. The Indian government has rejected Trudeau's allegations. Amid the political standoff, India and Canada have expelled each other's senior diplomats from the country. India currently suspends visas for people coming from Canada. A large number of people in India migrate to Canada. A large number of them are students. Amid the current political deadlock, many questions are being raised about Indian students in Canada.

About 60,50,<> students from Punjab are currently studying in Canada. All of them have gone there on study visas. On an average, <>,<> youth from Punjab alone go abroad to study every year. Along with studying in Canada and other countries, these young people also do small jobs there to meet their expenses.

Why do Indian students go to Study in Canada?
When it comes to studying abroad for Indian students, many students prefer to go to Canada. Quality education and degrees are important here, due to which it remains the favorite education destination of Indian students. The biggest thing is that after taking a degree in Canada, there is a lot of hope of getting a job here, so it remains the favorite place of students. Canada gets a cheaper degree than other countries like US, Australia, UK etc.

Indian students are charged up to 4 times the fees of local students in Canada. This is a contribution of about 4,70 crores to Canada's economy. But it is a common complaint that Indian students do not get all the facilities that Canadian students get there.

The student, who came to
Canada to study and was part of a documentary, says, "I found a house where I lived for 4 months. There were more people living here. It was difficult to live together. Such as trouble in cleanliness. No one liked cleaning, no one. This used to upset the Canadian landlords (landlords) with us. Apart from this, there are also cultural dependencies, which you can not ignore. Finally, after 4 months, I had to change this house. There is a different stress of changing the house. I don't understand all this online."

Living alone in Canada is very expensive. So many people live together under compulsion. You have to live in the basement here. In some such places, sunlight does not even reach. Many people also live together in the basement and share the facility. Immigration advisor Mehtab Singh says that house rent in Canada has increased by 9.6 percent. After years, only 1.9 per cent of the houses are vacant. In such a situation, not only Indian students are troubled by the problem of living, but people who have taken permanent residence and Canadian citizenship also face it. Many times they do not get the house they want.

"There is a huge shortage of health staff in Canada. A friend of mine was burnt in an accident. He had to wait for at least five to six hours in the waiting room to show his wounds as there is a lot of staff problem here. Anything can happen in that time. We can understand this. What is shown on the Internet. That's not the whole truth."

The isolated
student further said, "Universities first enroll more than the capacity. But they do not have a place in the college/university. When there are mostly Indian students in the class, they isolate us as a community. Since there is no space in the class, lectures are arranged for us in a theater. When you sit in India and do research, you do not know this. By coming here you get to know about this truth. However, not every university does this."

Immigration advisor Mehtab Singh says, "What happens in this... Students who apply to a Canadian college or university are shown some false promises and tempting offers. Such students fall into their trap. These students do not research well about their college / university. It is very important that the place from where you are doing research is a very authentic site. While seeking such information, you can either visit the website of the concerned college or university or the government of Canada.

Canada is of course a great country, but not everyone gets all that; For which Canada is known. This cannot be interpreted to mean that one should not try to go to Canada. Research should be done well before you just leave.

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