According to the memorandum, which Abdullah Hamdok posted on his Facebook page (the activities of Meta, which includes Facebook and Instagram, are banned in Russia, as extremist), "the participation of the Sudanese army commander in the work of the United Nations General Assembly sends dangerous and encouraging signals to the recent military coups in Africa." To former Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok.The memorandum said that inviting those whom it "called the leader of the October 11, 25 coup, and to those who are a party to the current war, contradicts the Sudanese desire for democracy, peace and justice." He denied accusations that the Sudanese army had committed any violations against civilians, noting that "Sudanese forces are stationed in specific places and do not attack, and they defend themselves, which is known to all." Hemedti called for the establishment of a new Sudanese army "to build a professional military institution that distances itself from politics and protects the constitution and the democratic system," as he put it.He explained that the war has caused "unprecedented" destruction in Sudan, especially Khartoum, and caused a humanitarian crisis in Darfur, pointing out that his team engaged "sincerely" in the negotiations hosted by Saudi Arabia in Jeddah, and put forward a vision to stop the war.Since April 2021, violent and large-scale clashes between army forces have continued. Al-Sudani and the Rapid Support Forces (RSF) are trying to control vital headquarters, including the Republican Palace, the headquarters of the General Command of the Armed Forces, the Rapid Support Forces Command and a number of military and civilian airports.