The German Ministry of Defence has refuted the fake of Russian propagandists that the occupiers destroyed a Leopard tank "with a completely German crew" in Ukraine.

The official representative of the German Ministry of Defense, in a comment to DW, said that there are no Bundeswehr tank crews in Ukraine.

The other day, Russian state propaganda resources reported that the invaders allegedly "destroyed a Leopard tank with a completely German crew of the German Armed Forces transferred to Ukraine." The source of information was an unnamed "commander of a reconnaissance group operating in the Zaporizhzhia direction."

The Russians reported that this "scout knows German well" even after the alleged destruction of the tank. The tank mechanic, according to propagandists, shouted "Nicht schießen" (Don't shoot - ed.) to the occupiers, and later died of blood loss, but allegedly said that the entire crew of the tank consisted of Bundeswehr soldiers. The propaganda did not provide any evidence of its words.

Earlier, it was reported that Germany could provide Ukraine with Taurus missiles, but on one condition.

In addition, we previously reported that the deputy of the German Bundestag, Ulrich Lechte, criticized the statement of Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki that Warsaw is not currently transferring its military aid to Ukraine.

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