On the second day of his official visit to Vietnam, Esteban Lazo paid tribute to Ho Chi Minh

More than 15,000 kilometers separate Havana from Hanoi. But this distance is merely geographical, because the peoples of Cuba and Vietnam have always been closely united by close and historical ties, forged under the legacy of Commander in Chief Fidel Castro Ruz and the unforgettable Ho Chi Minh.

In this regard, on the occasion of the visit of the first high-level Cuban delegation to Vietnam, in October 1966, composed of then President Osvaldo Dorticós and Raúl Castro Ruz, then Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces; Uncle Ho: "I just want to say that there is so much distance between Cuba and Vietnam that when one sleeps the other is awake. Formerly it was said of the English empire that the Sun never set for the English flag. But now it must be said that the Sun never sets for the flag of the Revolution. That is, our countries are geographically antipode, but there is a complete identification in the moral."

That same feeling of close closeness was raised by Fidel, in his first speech delivered in the sister Asian nation, on September 12, 1973, during the reception offered by the Workers' Party of Vietnam and the Government of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam; when he declared that Vietnam is a name most dear and extremely close in the hearts of all Cubans, and that no people of those who have fought for their independence has had to carry out a struggle as long and as heroic as this people. In that struggle, it is "indispensable to remember the revered and beloved name of President Ho Chi Minh," the Commander-in-Chief said.

For this reason, 50 years after that first visit of Fidel, the beginning of the day of the Cuban delegation this September 25, very early in the morning, could not be other than the tribute to Ho Chi Minh in the Mausoleum erected in his honor, in Hanoi. A wreath was laid by the member of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee of the Party Esteban Lazo Hernández, president of the National Assembly of People's Power and the Council of State, as a tribute to the endearing Vietnamese patriot, who as Fidel said, "belongs to the singular lineage of men whose death is the seed of life and perennial irradiation of stimuli."

Held official talks with President of the Republic Vo Van Thuong

An endearing relationship that stands the test of time

As a sign of the continuity of those special bonds of brotherhood between Cuba and Vietnam, sown by Fidel and Ho Chi Minh; Esteban Lazo later held official talks with Vo Van Thuong, President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, at the headquarters of the Presidency of the country located very close to the Mausoleum.

Offering a warm welcome to the head of the National Assembly and his delegation; Vo Van Thuong signified the transcendence of this official visit to his country, in commemoration of the 50th anniversary of Fidel's first visit to Vietnam.

He recalled that this September 25 marks the 60th anniversary of the creation of the Cuban Committee of Solidarity with South Vietnam – the first of its kind in the world – whose first president was Melba Hernández, appointed by Fidel.

He thanked for Cuban solidarity in the heroic and historic struggle of its people, and especially stressed the enormous meaning of Fidel's phrase that for Vietnam we are willing to give our blood.

Meanwhile, Esteban Lazo conveyed to the Vietnamese president an endearing greeting, on behalf of the Party, the State, the Government and the people of Cuba; and in particular, Army General Raúl Castro Ruz and President Miguel Díaz Canel Bermúdez.

In the fraternal meeting, he ratified his satisfaction with the excellent state of political relations and exchange between the two countries, through regular cooperation mechanisms such as theoretical seminars between both parties, inter-ministerial political consultations, systematic functioning of the Intergovernmental Commission for economic and scientific-technical collaboration, among others. He acknowledged that this year 2023 has been prolific for the exchange of delegations, the consolidation of high-level political dialogue and cooperation in all spheres.

"The official visit to Cuba of the President of the National Assembly of Vietnam, Vuong Dinh Hue, was very successful, in which the special relations of brotherhood between our peoples, parties, parliaments and governments were ratified, and the consensus reached by our leaders in recent high-level contacts was reviewed," said Lazo Hernández.

In the exchange, the President of the Council of State also said that for Cuba, relations with Vietnam are strategic, in particular economic, commercial and cooperation ties; and the will to continue strengthening them in all areas of mutual interest, for the benefit of both peoples.

At the same time, he delved into the Cuban situation today. In this regard, he reiterated his country's deep gratitude for the support of his country to the just demand for the end of the blockade imposed by the Government of the United States against Cuba and the permanent expressions of solidarity received.

"Finally, I want to signify the honor and privilege that it is for me and for the delegation that accompanies me, to represent the Party, the Parliament, the Government and the people of Cuba in the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the first visit of our Commander in Chief to Vietnam," concluded Esteban Lazo.